After completing the long wanted Spartathlon in 2017 and numerous major races in previous years (such as Ultrabalaton or Kirishima Ebino Kogen Extreme Trail), I started contemplating another challenge that would bring my ultra-running up to a higher level. There are many hard races throughout the globe and one of those is Ultra Gobi. This is what the organizers say about this ultimate race:

Ultra Gobi is a 400-km non-stop, self-navigation, self-supported race, held in southern Gobi Desert, on the edge of the Tibetan Plateau, in Western China, Gansu Province, Guazhou County, about 200 km south of the border with Mongolia.

The location of the race is very special – here is the southernmost stretch of the Gobi Desert, and the connection between two great cultures – the Mongolian to the North and the Tibetan to the South. The mountains that the runners see in the south are Qilian Mountain Range, the start of the Tibetan Plateau, and the beginning of the cultural Tibet.

Ultra Gobi is a small, exclusive race, limited to 50 people. It is our aim to make this race into one of the world’s greatest running races and adventures. The support we offer to runners during the race is in unparalleled in ultra-running.

Having passed the initial selection process, I am now a confirmed participating runner in this event.

As this is an unique opportunity for me and my ultra-running career, I want to share all experience and related information with everybody  interested. This web also mentions companies and individuals supporting my participation, be it a financial or material one. Thank you! If you wanted to become a member of my support team in any form, please do not hesitate to contact me.